Scholarship Foundation

This Institution of Higher Learning is made even more impressive by the donations to our Scholarship Foundation. Many thanks, y’all!

If you would like to help educate more women on Sass, Grace and Allure, contact us at SouthernGirlAcademy[at]gmail[dot]com.




Rock City Outfitters

RockTown Distillery

Brandon's RockTown Distillery

Proposals Boutique

Proposals Boutique


3 Responses

  1. Hello! I heard SGA on B98 the other morning! Finally, a blog for us! I am happier than a chicken with a June bug!

    I’ve signed up for the correspondence course and am looking forward to furthering my fine education!

  2. Lana, welcome aboard! We’re tickled to have you here. Hope you enjoy the Academy.
    -President of the Board

  3. Hey y’all! Thanks so much for posting this blog! I am a true southerner but am often seen as a “fake.” This helps a lot! God bless y’all!

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