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Old Main

Old Main at University of Arkansas, which has nothing to do with the Southern Girl Academy in any way, but is quite lovely

Despite the constant moaning and going on that we’re all becoming one homogeneous culture with nothing interesting regionally any more, the more people we meet from other parts of the country, the more we realize Southerners, particularly Southern women, are a bit misunderstood.

This is understandable. We are complex creatures. We’re not ones to brag, but really, there are no more beautiful women in the world. We do everything like we mean it. Our ferocity includes cooking, swearing and praising God. We seek beauty in the ordinary. We find joy in the little things. We observe details so often missed by others.

In an effort to shed some light on the nuance that is Southern femininity, we present a series of classes as part of the Southern Girl Academy. Be sure and attend class each Wednesday. We won’t take attendance, per se, but we so enjoy your company.

Our guest lecturers are happy to take questions, so please feel free to speak up. We’d love to hear from you.


6 Responses

  1. Love it!

  2. Jess love y’all!

  3. This is all so true. I love it and can’t wait until next Wednesday.

  4. I just found this site after a friend referred me. I LOVE it!

  5. I came across your page on a lark. I have a very good friend who happens to be a southern gentleman, he issisted the other night that I am truly southern; I wanted to see what that meant and your blogsphere came up when I search ” true southern woman”. LOVED it. Will continue reading, and learning.

    Sarah Ford

  6. Just found this site and fell in love immediatly! so keep passing the sass!

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